Keys to Implementing an Employee Wellness Program

A healthy workforce is a happy and productive one. If your company doesn’t currently have a wellness program in place, it’s time to implement one. Not only will this help your employees become more efficient, it will also make them feel valued and lower your healthcare premiums.

Of course, simply having a wellness program isn’t enough, because success requires a strong employee buy-in. Find out how to lay the framework for an initiative people can’t resist.

5 Keys to Implementing an Employee Wellness Program

Get Employee Input

Staffers won’t participate in your program if there’s no clear benefit for them. Survey your employees to find out what they’d like to have in a wellness program — i.e., help quitting smoking or a weight loss support group. Generally speaking, wellness programs cover a very broad scope, so you need to target areas of specific interest to your team.

Create an Effective Communication Plan

Employees can’t participate in the wellness program if they don’t know about it. When you’re ready for launch, market it heavily so it’s on everyone’s radar. Clearly explain how to sign up and the benefits offered by the program.

Make It a Family Ordeal

Your employees aren’t the only people driving your health insurance premiums up. Many have families on their healthcare plans who also contribute to the costs, so involve them too. This makes sense from a financial standpoint and also a practical one, as people need the support of their loved ones to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Offer Enticing Incentives

Looking and feeling great is enough to inspire some people to join a wellness program, but others need an extra push. Make participation extra appealing by offering incentives people really want — i.e., lower health insurance costs, cash bonus, extra vacation days, gift cards — for taking part in the program and meeting their goals.

Set Standards for Success

You won’t know if your wellness program is working unless you establish goals for it. Set targets for things like number of participants, total cost savings, and employee success and revisit them on a quarterly or bi-annual basis. You’ll likely need to make some adjustments, but the more informed you are, the easier it will be to get it right.

Implementing an employee wellness program is a major time investment, but ECS has you covered. We offer an employer-of-record system, professional payroll services, and independent contractor management services to make your life easier. Get in touch today to discuss your needs!

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