When Should You Hold Out for a Better Candidate

Steering a hiring process is hard work. You’ve been searching for awhile now, and you’ve found a decent candidate, but you’re not convinced this person is the right fit. Being short-staffed is hard on the entire team, so you’re seriously considering extending an offer. Use these tips to help you decide if this is the right move.

4 Signs You Should Hold Out for a Better Candidate

Poor Cultural Fit

No matter how skilled the candidate is, if they’re a poor cultural fit, they won’t last. Skills can be acquired, but personality traits are virtually impossible to change. This person won’t be happy at your company and they’ll have a negative impact on your team dynamic.

Lack of Passion

You want to hire someone with a hunger for the job. If their heart isn’t in it, they won’t be able to do their best work. A candidate merely interested in doing the bare minimum to earn a living won’t cut it. If you don’t see the fire in the person’s eyes, they’re not the right fit.

No Future at Your Company

Every good manager knows you don’t just try to fill a position for right now — you want to find a candidate who sees a future at your company. If the candidate’s long-term goals cannot be met at your company, it’s probably best to keep searching. Training a new employee requires significant resources, so you want to invest in someone with the potential to stay with your organization for the long run.

Significant Training Would Be Required

In some cases, if a candidate’s personality perfectly meshes with the team, it might make sense to hire them, even if they don’t have many of the required skills. However, this isn’t always the right move. If you don’t have the resources to spend significant time and energy training this person, don’t end your search with them. There’s no need to place yourself under undue stress.

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