How to Get in Front of Candidates That Aren’t Actively Looking for Jobs

August 16th, 2017

Sometimes the best person for the job isn’t actively seeking new opportunities. Known as passive candidates, these professionals would consider changing jobs for the right position — but you have to find them first.

Since they’re happily employed, these people aren’t checking job boards for openings, so you have to get creative. Pursuing these professionals will take more work, but they’re worth it.

4 Ways to Meet Passive Job Seekers

Attend Networking Events

Talented, ambitious people enjoy learning, growing and connecting with like-minded peers, so attend industry events regularly. Everything from training sessions to networking happy hours are filled with motivated professionals who truly enjoy what they do. This is a great way to meet passive candidates and introduce them to your company.

Speak at Industry Functions

Raise your company’s profile by signing up to speak at conferences, seminars and other industry events. If you captivate your audience, they’ll want to continue the conversation after your speech. Don’t be surprised if passive candidates approach you to chat at the event or reach out via email afterward.

Request Introductions

Your friends, family and employees have their own networks filled with talented people. When filling an open position, ask them for recommendations and request an introduction. If you reach out to the person on your own, they might brush you off, but you’ll get their full attention if someone they know and trust tells them to listen to your pitch.

Use Social Media

They’re not actively using it to find work, but top talent is on social media. Captivate them by sharing compelling content that makes them want to be part of your team. This might include past projects and those currently in progress, the company’s philanthropic efforts or employee satisfaction stories. If they’re continuously impressed, there’s a good chance they’ll head to your HR site to inquire about joining your roster.

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Three Keys for a Cohesive Work Environment

August 9th, 2017

Your employees are different people, with different jobs, interconnected by your company. Despite their dissimilarities, people need to unite to keep the organization moving forward. Success won’t happen if everyone marches to their own beat, so get everyone in sync.

Uniting your team might not be easy, but it’s effort well spent. Building a solid foundation is a great start, but the work is never really done. Through your own actions, you’ll need to provide consistent messaging that brings people together.

Clearly, Define Your Mission

If employees don’t know what’s expected of them, they’ll follow their own agenda, which will result in chaos. Bring your team together by creating a mission statement that clearly explains the company values and goals. This will highlight where the organization as a whole is headed and the type of behaviors and values people need to uphold to stay along for the ride.

Open the Lines of Communication

When one person doesn’t get the memo, the work of the entire group can be thrown off-course. Avoid this by encouraging employees to clearly explain their efforts, check in with one another regularly, and ask questions when they’re even the slightest bit confused. Everyone needs to be on the same page at all times, and open communication is the only way to make this happen.

Give and Receive Feedback

Band your team together by encouraging them to provide feedback on processes and procedures they feel are useful, and those that need improvement. In addition to enhancing the work environment, having a voice will allow employees to become invested. When they’re encouraged to provide input, people will feel like part of the team.

Of course, you’ll also need to provide constructive feedback. Sharing thoughts on what is and isn’t working — both on a group and individual basis — will strengthen the team and help pull everyone together.

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Why Work-Life Balance Is So Important to Employees

July 26th, 2017

In today’s tech-savvy world, people can work from anywhere. While this brings perks like the ability to work remotely, it also makes it difficult for many people to unplug.

Sometimes employees need to take work calls and respond to emails after hours, but most issues can wait until the start of the next business day. If you expect your team to be in contact 24/7, you’re asking too much. Do your company and your staff a favor by taking a step back and giving your people much-needed space during their free time.

3 Reasons People Need a Work-Life Balance

It’s Healthy

People worked to the brink never get a chance to unwind. Stress can take a major toll on the body, causing a myriad of issues, such as weight gain, trouble sleeping, digestive issues, and chest pain — just to name a few. Pressure from the office can also seriously change a person’s eating habits for the worse, leave no time to exercise, and put them in a perpetually cranky mood.

Too Much Work Leads to Burnout

An excessive amount of anything can cause a person to go into overload. Your employees like their jobs, but they also need time away from work to relax and recharge. Burnout happens when people are forced to work themselves ragged. Most people don’t mind putting in occasional overtime, but if the demands never stop, they’ll eventually look for opportunities at companies that allow them to enjoy a sense of balance.

Having a Personal Life is Important

Being a great employee shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice relationships with family and friends. Every person on your team has loved ones they want to spend time with. If they never get to see these people, they’re going to be miserable and feel largely unfulfilled. Work is a huge part of life, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that matters.

Employees definitely need a work-life balance, and so do managers. Chances are, you’re logging plenty of overtime yourself. Nearly half .

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5 Ways to Motivate Employees

July 19th, 2017

Getting your team to work hard during the summer months can be a challenge. Even the most dedicated employees have visions of beach vacations dancing through their head, making it difficult to get excited about work.

Thankfully, this issue is fully solvable with the right motivators. Follow these tips to inspire your staff to work their hardest, despite the warm temperatures and sunshine taunting them through the windows.

Empower Them

When you micromanage employees and reject all of their ideas, they feel defeated. It’s hard to enjoy work when you’re not able to do anything your own way. Change this by empowering your team to do their jobs as they see fit. This might involve a different route than you’d take, but you hired capable people, so put a little trust in them.

Offer an Incentive

Work is a lot more fun when there’s a prize involved. Hold a competition — either individual or team — and choose a reward people really want, such as an extra vacation day, cash bonus, or restaurant gift card. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at the level of extra effort exerted when there’s an incentive at stake.

Recognize Great Work

There’s nothing satisfying about a thankless job, so a little praise from the boss goes a long way. You’ve probably grown accustomed to your team exceeding your expectations, but they can’t read your mind. When someone impresses you, acknowledge their efforts and let them know you appreciate everything they do for the team.

Emphasize Their Purpose

Every person on your team was hired for a reason, so remind people how their efforts impact the company as a whole. When people realize their work really does matter, they gain a sense of purpose. Even monotonous tasks can feel a little less taxing when employees know they’re helping the team reach its goals.

Get Your Hands Dirty

People respect a boss who behaves like one of the team. Rouse your employees by rolling up your sleeves and working right alongside them. It’s inspiring to have a boss who isn’t afraid of hard work. Plus, no one who values their job will dare slack off when they know you’re watching.

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Quick Tips on Boosting Productivity

July 12th, 2017

If you constantly feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, you might just be spending your time in the wrong places. Restructuring your workday can make all the difference.

Chances are, you don’t even know your current habits are a drain on productivity. Find out how to be more efficient with your time, so you can accomplish more each day.

4 Ways to Boost Productivity

1. Set Priorities

You can’t do it all, so decide what’s most important to you and focus your efforts on these matters. Delegate work that doesn’t align with your priorities to other team members and closely guard your schedule to make sure your time is properly optimized. Don’t be afraid to decline meeting requests where your presence isn’t needed and if someone approaches you while you’re trying to work, politely ask them to come back later.

2. Schedule Your Day

Make the most of your day by blocking off certain times for specific activities. For example, instead of constantly checking emails and answering the phone on the first ring, set three times per day to respond to messages. Make a to-do list each morning, and decide how long you’ll spend on each item. This will help you focus, so time doesn’t get away from you. It’s also wise to schedule a little extra time each day, so you don’t get thrown off-track by unexpected happenings.

3. Stay Organized

When your work area is a mess, it takes a lot longer to accomplish anything. Create a system of order, so you know exactly where to look for papers, files, and anything else needed to do your job. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of time added back into your day when you know exactly where everything is located.

4. Stop Multitasking

On the surface, doing multiple things at once seems like a smart way to save time, but it’s not. Mistakes happen when you’re not fully focused on a task. This means you have to go back and redo the work you already did, which makes it take double the time it should. Concentrating solely one project at a time might take longer initially, but it will ultimately allow you to do better work, faster.

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How to Retain Top Talent

July 5th, 2017

Every company has a few superstars that run the show. These people outperform the rest of the team on a consistent basis, and make doing amazing work look so easy. Much of your success is due to these bright, driven professionals, so you need to keep them on staff.

Top talent has a wealth of employment opportunities at their fingertips. If you want yours to stay put, you need to make it worth their while.

5 Ways to Retain Top Talent

Make Learning a Priority

The most talented professionals didn’t get to the top by slacking. These people crave learning and growth opportunities, so give them what they want. Sending them to industry-relevant conferences and seminars, hosting weekly lunch and learns, and offering tuition reimbursement are all great ideas. Even if pricier learning opportunities don’t fit your budget, do what you can to help your most ambitious workers stay ahead of the curve.

Pave the Way for Advancement

Extremely driven professionals are on their way up the ladder, so if your company doesn’t have a place for them to climb, they’ll be forced to head elsewhere. Find out where your most valued employees want to be in three, five, and 10 years, and work together to make this career growth happen at your company. You might have to create a few new positions, but it’s well worth the effort.

Choose Great Managers

Every employee isn’t management material, so make sure you’re putting the right people in these key positions. One in two employees have left a job to get away from a bad manager, according to a 2015 Gallup study. The last thing you want is to retain a terrible boss but lose a seriously talented employee. After choosing managers, keep close tabs to make sure they’re effective in these high-profile roles.

Offer Competitive Compensation

For top talent, compensation isn’t the sole driver of job satisfaction, but it does make a difference. People need a salary that allows them to enjoy a comfortable standard of living, along with other benefits, such as paid time off and generous healthcare coverage. Use Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data to make sure you’re paying fair salaries and take a look at benefits offered by other companies in your industry to see how your total compensation aligns.

Provide a Solid Work-Life Balance

All work and no play makes for a pretty unhappy life. The most talented, motivated professionals want to give their all during work hours — and occasional overtime — but they don’t want their job to consume their life. Keep people happy and engaged by allowing them to enjoy their free time, so they can come into the office relaxed, refreshed, and energized.

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Preparing for Ransomware Attacks: A Safety Measure EVERY Company Needs to Take

June 30th, 2017

If your company’s software systems aren’t ironclad, you’re playing with fire. From 2015 to 2016, ransomware attacks spiked 6,00 0 percent, according to a December 2016 study from IBM Security.

During the first three months of 2016, cybercriminals earned nearly $209 million from ransomware attacks, according to the FBI. The total for 2016 was expected to reach nearly $1 billion.

What is a Ransomware Attack?

If your business is the victim of a ransomware attack, the data on computers and other devices used by employees will be encrypted and held for ransom. Quickly becoming more prevalent, ransomware composed nearly 40 percent of all spam emails sent in 2016, according to IBM X-Force research.

Protect Your Company From Ransomware Attacks

More than 69 percent of senior executives surveyed in the 2017 report, “Enterprises Re-engineer Security in the Age of Digital Transformation,” by Forbes Media and global IT solutions firm BMC, are planning to restructure their cyber strategy, due to the changing digital climate.

Invest in Secure Technology

Powering your systems with old, outdated technology makes your company especially vulnerable to threats. The Forbes Media and BMC report recommends investing in flexible and adaptable systems that can easily absorb new data if breached.

Protect Key Data

More than just protecting software, you also need to safeguard the data inside your systems, according to the report. The growing prevalence of data housed in cloud and mobile technology must be addressed.

Safeguard Data Against Known Threats

New security breaches appear all the time, but plenty of well-known threats continue to plague businesses. According to the report, 64 percent of companies plan to increase spending to safeguard against known security threats in 2017.

Sharpen Incident Response Capabilities

When a ransomware attack strikes, you need to fight back fast. Over the next year, 68 percent of executives who responded to the report said they plan to build better incident response capabilities.

Enhance the Role of First-Line Managers

More than just a concern for IT, first-line managers need to be actively involved in the prevention of ransomware attacks. The report revealed 72 percent of company leaders want line-of-business managers to help develop security strategies.

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Making Your Company a Best Place to Work

June 23rd, 2017

Some companies have no trouble attracting and retaining top talent. In fact, the best and brightest professionals actually seek out jobs at these organizations, because they have a reputation as a best place to work.

At present, your company is a solid workplace. People seem relatively happy and your bottom line is healthy enough, but you want more. Climbing to the ranks of the top employers won’t be easy, but it will be well worth your effort.

Four Ways to Make Your Company a Best Place to Work

Help Employees See Their Impact

Many people have trouble seeing the big picture. They don’t understand why they have to complete certain tasks or how their work impacts the rest of the team. Change this by helping them realize how their contributions tie into the success of the organization. When employees are able to understand their purpose, they’re happier and more energized.

Build a Robust Culture

It’s hard for employees to get excited about work when they’re not engaged. Change this by building an outstanding culture that makes people truly enjoy being part of the team. This is a multifaceted endeavor, but some of the main initiatives involve redefining the company’s mission and values, being transparent with employees, developing a strong sense of team and hiring people that perfectly embody your culture.

Recognize Outstanding Efforts

Most employees don’t do great work for the sole purpose of being recognized, but having your efforts go unnoticed doesn’t feel great. If you make a habit of taking employees for granted, they’ll leave, so make your gratitude known. Grand gestures are nice, but all it takes is a few kinds words from the boss for a staffer to feel appreciated.

Treat Employees Like Humans

Your employees aren’t robots. They need nights, weekends, holidays and vacation time away from the office to relax and spend time with loved ones. The best companies understand the value of encouraging people to have a fulfilling life outside the office. Well-rounded employees are more productive and creative. They also have greater levels of job satisfaction and company loyalty, because they know they have a good thing going.

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How to Implement a Mentoring Program to Pass Knowledge and Experience Throughout Your Team

June 16th, 2017

You’ve worked hard to build a roster of talented, effective employees. Many have been on staff for years, while others are relative newcomers. Consequently, each person has a wealth of experience that could benefit others on the team.

A mentoring program is a fantastic way to transfer knowledge among employees. Not only will this help everyone do their jobs better, it’s also a safeguard to retain valuable skills and information when people move on to opportunities outside your company. Find out how to implement a mentoring program that really works.

Five Steps to Create an Effective Mentoring Program

Define Your Objectives

Figure out what you hope to achieve from this initiative. For example, you might want to help employees improve leadership skills or ensure your entire staff has a certain skillset. Either way, setting a specific objective adds much-needed structure to the program. It’s easier to develop an effective agenda and measure results when you have a defined end goal.

Choose the Right Mentors

Some people have what it takes to be a mentor, and others don’t. The sharpest, most experienced person on your team might have a ton of knowledge to share, but if they don’t have the right personality to mentor, they won’t be effective. Keep this in mind, and remember that great mentors aren’t just people with 30 years of career experience. Younger employees also have a lot to share with their more seasoned counterparts, so don’t rule them out because of their lack of tenure.

Provide Training

Educate your entire staff on the benefits of mentoring. Explain the value of the program and make sure people are clear that participation doesn’t equal a promotion. You’ll also want to have a training session for mentors, so they know the best way to structure their program. Ultimately, you’ll want to give them the freedom to guide as they see fit, but this will provide ideas to plan a successful initiative.

Make Thoughtful Pairings

Initially, you might assume pairing employees based on similar personalities is the best approach, but it’s not. Of course, you want the mentor and mentee to get along, but the purpose of the program is to transfer knowledge — not make a new best friend.

Closely Monitor Progress

Make sure the program isn’t a waste of everyone’s time by keeping tabs on its value. Find a way to evaluate the progress toward your goal and periodically survey participants to gauge their thoughts on the experience. This will help you learn what’s working and what isn’t so necessary adjustments can be made.

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How to Amp Up Your Productivity: Get More Done…and Be Strategic About It!

June 9th, 2017

In your current state, you’re accomplishing enough to get by at work. However, simply getting the job done isn’t your style. You want to maximize your productivity so you can be your very best self at work.

Thankfully, a few simple tweaks to your daily routine can majorly increase your productivity. Follow these five tips to make the most of your day.

Eliminate Distractions

It’s hard to get anything done when you’re constantly interrupted. Turn off your email notifications, set your cellphone to silent and shut your office door. If you work in a noisy cubicle, head to a quiet conference room or slip on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Make this a habit for at least a couple of hours each day and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Stop Multitasking

On the surface, multitasking seems like a great way to accomplish multiple things at once, but it’s not that easy. The quality of your work suffers when you’re only paying partial attention to each task. This makes you extremely susceptible to mistakes, which means you’ll have to start over again anyway. Accomplishing one thing at a time is a much better solution, because you can get it right on your first attempt and be done with it.

Take Breaks

You might think stopping to take breaks is counterproductive, but it actually helps you work better. Stopping every few hours for a few minutes of rest relaxes the mind and helps keep the creativity flowing. Burnout happens when you work yourself to the bone, so take 15 minutes for a coffee break or accept that lunch date you don’t really think you have time to take.

Keep Your Desk Clean

When you’re crazy busy, papers have a way of piling up on your desk. You say you’ll organize them later, but this date has a way of getting pushed back. Before you know it, your desk is in a state of chaos and you have no idea where to find anything. Avoid this by keeping your desk clean in the first place. When you need something, searching through mounds of paper takes forever, so eliminate the need altogether by maintaining order at all times.

Take Care of Yourself

If you want to give 100 percent effort at work, you need to be physically able to perform. Even if your job isn’t labor-intensive, you still have to be awake, alert and in good health to reach your potential. Try to get eight hours of sleep each night, eat healthy and do things that make you happy in your off-hours, so you can come into the office each day energized and ready to work.

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